Sunday, July 8, 2018

Our Summer, So Far

We've had a fun start to summer.

We had some extremely hot and humid weather so we've had a lot of occasions to make homemade shave ice. Here we're about to have Mom's favorite, ichiban style, just like they make at Matsumoto's Shave Ice in Hawaii.

Besides the ice, you add green tea flavoring, condensed milk, ice cream, mochi, and azuki beans.

With the heat last weekend, it was great pool weather.

We went later in the afternoon when it was less crowded and Kai enjoyed playing splash games with me. My arm was hurting the next day from lifting the buckets of water over and over to splash Kai.

On the 4th of July, my wife made brisket sandwiches.

And a red, white and blue(ish) ice cream cake!

Later that evening we went to watch our community's fireworks.

We went back to our usual spot at the Rec Center parking lot where we are close to the fireworks.

Afterward, Kai enjoyed some sparklers.

This Friday, we enjoyed a nice visit from my nephew Ian and his wife Susan. It was the first time we had seen them since their wedding this spring.

The next day we met them in Milwaukee for a Brewers game.

The racing sausages are a fun part of the experience at Miller Park.

The game wasn't particularly exciting, especially if you were a Brewers fan, but we had good seats and I enjoyed hanging out with Ian. Also, as a Cubs fan, it didn't bother me at all that the Brewers lost. Kai likes live games much better than watching on television and he seemed to have a good time, too. He got a souvenir chorizo sausage plush character.

This weekend was cooler than last so we decided to take advantage with a bike ride this morning. We tried out a new trail near our house.

It isn't very scenic as the trail runs between a railroad and the highway, but it is nicely paved and very straight. As Kai has gotten taller and with his new bike from last fall, he seems to enjoy riding much more than he used to.

Hope you're having a nice summer, too.


  1. Wow, what a great time your family had. I see big smiles on Kai's face. I know he just loved the pool. I remember I had gone to an A's game at the Oakland Stadium...and a Giant's game at Candlestick Park (known for its very windy and chilly weather). What I remember most was the best hot dogs I have ever had.

    I can see how much Kai has grown. It is especially poignant to me, as I can no longer see my son everyday. I am so glad I had always taken a lot of photos. Having had a good home life is one of the key factors for success later in life. I know Kai has a good start in this department. It is so good you are enjoying every moment with your family...and going to great places with them. They are the makings of great memories for the future.

    1. Yes, hopefully these activities are not just fun for Kai but also help to lay a foundation for him to be as successful as he can be later in life.

      Time passses quickly (as you know)... we are trying to make the most of the family time we have and hopefully will have great memories in the future.


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