Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unsung Hero

I think that in many families, dads get a lot of the glory while the moms are doing much of the underappreciated tasks that keep the household running smoothly.  Dads are often the ones to play ball with the kids or take them on fun outings while the moms may do more of the mundane tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry. 

At our house, my wife does all that, but she’s also the driving force behind most of our son’s treatments and activities. 

My wife researches therapies, biomedical advancements, GFCF recipes, play opportunities – really anything that will give our son an opportunity to improve the quality of his current and future life.  She’s also then the one to put all of her research into action, whether by driving Kai to his swim lesson or battling with the insurance company about paying for therapy. 

Kai has come a long way since we first learned of his autism.  There is absolutely no way he would have made all that progress without my wife’s unceasing devotion. 

When you live with autism every day, the support of a loving spouse is incredibly important.  I am uplifted by my wife’s dedication.

And, so, to my dear wife, I wish you the happiest birthday today.  Thank you for everything you do.  I am unbelievably fortunate to have you as my partner in this adventure.   

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