Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bizarro Kai

My son came home after his karate class yesterday afternoon and declared that he wanted a haircut.  My son asking for a haircut?  I must still be in the same Bizarro World from Sunday when I insisted that we go to the library while Kai resisted because he didn’t want to miss part of the football game.

Longtime readers may recall when I wrote about how difficult haircut time is at our house.  The usual routine is that Kai resists and says he does not want a haircut.  After much encouragement (or *ahem* threats), he finally sits in the chair.  But, even then, his squirming makes it difficult to cut his hair nicely. 

Recently, however, it hasn’t been as bad.  Taking his grandmother Dell’s suggestion, we began using a cape to keep the cut hairs from sticking to his body.  That drastically reduced the itch factor, and cut down on his squirming.  My wife also tried to make the experience more fun.  She “hired” him to be her assistant as she clipped my hair before she got to his.  It’s funny; this kid who hates to clean up his toys loves to clean up the cut, fallen hair. 

Even so, we had never before seen him volunteer to get a haircut.

But, last night, he was so excited about getting to the haircuts that he didn’t even want to eat dessert.  Before he finished his dinner, he grabbed the dustpan and brush and was ready to go.  We popped some music on the CD player and Mom’s Barber Shop was open once again. 

Kai did his assistant barber’s duties nicely.  Then, he sat still and cooperated beautifully when it was his turn.

I don’t know how long this Bizarro World will last, but I am going to enjoy it while it does.

Note: For those of you not familiar with American pop culture, Bizarro World refers to a fictional place where everything is the opposite of how they should be. 

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