Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Harmonica, a Trampoline and a Fun Evening

While our outing to the racetrack was disappointing, we did have some good times over the weekend as well.

The highlight was a visit from Kai’s uncle, aunt, and cousins. Kai always enjoys seeing them.

When we have company, he often likes to tell everyone what to do. For instance, this time he was somewhat controlling at dinnertime, telling everyone that the fruit salad was for dessert. I told him that they could have it with the dinner if they wanted to.

And after he had finished eating his skirt steak and corn, he told everyone that it was time for the fruit salad. I told him that maybe some people wanted to eat more skirt steak.

After dinner he started to play a toy harmonica that my dad had given him. That was very unusual, as he had not picked it up at all in the months that he’s had it.

But on this evening he played. Well, he kept blowing into it anyway, and noise came out. I don’t know if I’d quite call that “playing” as I would not describe the noise we heard as music.

While Kai blew into the harmonica, one of his cousins bounced around on our trampoline, showing some nifty dance moves while bouncing up and down. Apparently, the harmonica noise was a suitable substitute for techno-dance music.

Once, the noise stopped. I wasn’t sure if Kai had finished a song or if he was just pausing. He let us know.

“Okay, you can applaud now.”

Well, the harmonica playing didn’t exactly deserve applause but his forthright communication certainly did. So, we all applauded.

After that, Kai kept playing and his cousin kept bouncing.

Sometimes it’s not the quality of the playing that is important; it’s the enthusiasm of the participants. And that we had in abundance.

And that made for a very fun evening.


  1. Ok...you can applaud now :)

    M.C. Kai. He must have had a lot of fun. You had the winning combination...good food...family...good times.

    1. Kai certainly enjoyed himself, and that made it enjoyable for us, too!

  2. Kids just always end up the star of every family evening. It was heartwarming to see them doing their own thing, though it's evident they have different characters. One enjoys the serenity of music while the other likes the dynamic trampoline.


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