Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Embarrassment, A (Kind of) Funny Picture, and Bike Riding

Autumn is our favorite season for bike riding, and this weekend we took advantage of a beautiful Saturday morning and went riding on our favorite trail.

But first, we made our weekly stop at the library.

Kai was dressed in bicycle shorts that my wife had given him. Here is a photo of he and my wife taken from our ride the week before. I think he looks rather snazzy.

But Kai was embarrassed to wear his bike shorts to the library.

What is remarkable about this is that Kai never seems to be embarrassed about anything. He is constantly putting his clothes on backward or inside out. When we point it out and tell him that other kids may make fun of him, he usually just laughs it off and doesn’t want to go through the trouble of putting his clothes on again, the correct way.

I’m not sure why bicycle shorts, of all things, finally caused him to become embarrassed, but I think it’s a good thing. He needs to be a little more self-conscious.

After the library, we went on our ride. It was a perfect day and we enjoyed it very much.

As we were riding, I noticed that Kai was getting a little too big for his bike. He had more trouble than he should have riding up small hills, and I wondered if it were time to get him a bigger bike.

The following photo, again from last week, shows how he can’t straighten his legs while riding his small bike.

And so the next day, a rainy Sunday, we went to Walmart and got new bikes for Kai and for my wife (who had been riding my old mountain bike while I rode my old touring bike).

No pictures of the new bikes today… hopefully we will ride again next weekend and I’ll have photos to you.

But here is a picture from the owner’s manual of the new bikes. Kai just thought that this was the funniest thing as he laughed and laughed. Does this look that funny to you?

I’m not complaining, though. While Kai entertained himself reading the owner’s manual, I was able to watch a very exciting Chicago Bears football game. For many families, a fall Sunday in front of the tv watching an NFL game is a given. But I took great pleasure in getting to enjoy this ‘ordinary’ event.

Thank you to whoever designed the owner’s manual.


  1. I would very much like to see the new photos of your route and new bikes. I'll bet Kai really loves his new bike.

    The helmet illustration reminds me of when my son first put his on...and it looked like the bottom illustration. :)

    1. My wife and I were more excited about getting a new bike than Kai, but hopefully we will have nice weather next weekend and he will be excited to ride it.

      Haha, I guess that's why they have those pictures in the owner's manual.

  2. You sound like me appreciating nascar. ha.

    Love the story about the shorts...and even before you mentioned it, I thought it strange he cared. I mean, he chews his shirts and doesn't care...or used to. My boys are like that, too, and I wish they were a little more socially aware of things like that. I think he looks very professional in his bicycle shorts! I bet he looks snazzy on that new bike, too!

    1. It was very strange to hear him care about that... hopefully it is a sign that he is starting to get socially conscious. And while I think most people are too often TOO socially conscious, in Kai's case we would welcome a little bit of it.

      Ha, we will have to see how he looks on his new bike!


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