Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday Celebration, Part III

This weekend, we had our third and final birthday celebration for Kai, this time to coincide with his actual birthday.

In the morning he received phone calls and voice messages from grandparents who all sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

In the afternoon, at his boxing class, he told the instructor that it was his birthday, and at the end the whole class sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

In the evening, we Skyped with his grandparents in Japan and had a multi-continent singing of “Happy Birthday.”

His grandparents had a good view as he blew out the candles.

And they got to watch as he opened his presents.

Amidst all of the singing and celebration, it has not been forgotten that our boy is now double-digits in age.

He is truly growing up fast, and not just in size. While still child-like in his innocence and enthusiasm, Kia’s maturity is emerging in many ways. He is able to tolerate things better than ever. He seems to be more understanding of things that were beyond his comprehension before.

To a child, birthdays are about cake and candles and presents and having “Happy Birthday” sung to him. But to us parents, it is a marking of a milestone, a measuring of progress, and a reminder that the little boy won’t be little all that much longer.

Happy birthday to you, Kai.


  1. They do grow so quickly :(

    Birthdays...magic and memories made.

    Happy Birthday to Kai.

    1. Shiroi, you know just how quickly they grow up. With Kai now 10, it feels like time is marching ever faster.


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