Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Break Activities

Kai returns to school this morning.

He made the most of winter break.

He worked on the various kits and sets that he received for Christmas and Hanukkah.

We made our annual visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden where we saw Wonderland Express, the exhibit of famous Chicago buildings made from plant materials, with model railroads running through them.

We tried going ice skating, though the ice in the outdoor rink wasn't quite thick enough yet.

We went sledding.

He also started reading from among the many books he received, did online math through the Khan Academy website, and we played a new board game as well.

It will not be easy for him to get back into the school routine. But it is time. I think my wife is looking forward to it.


  1. There you go...big smiles on Kai. That says it all. I especially like the father and son photo on the ice. Big smiles for both. You will look back with great fondness at that photo. Life is all about creating and remembering the magic moments. It is what makes everything worthwhile.

    1. Yes, we made some fond memories the past two weeks. Great moments for sure!

  2. You all had a great Christmas break...lots of fun stuff going on! Everyone went back today here, too. It sure was quiet in the house! Alex seemed a little stressed tonight...I think they will all sleep well.

    1. Yes, my wife had the chance to get the house back in order with Kai back at school and the last of the dogs back home. Ha! Wouldn't be surprised if it took your boys a few days to get used to their old routine.


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