Sunday, October 18, 2015

Continuing Our Fall Pumpkin Tradition

Yesterday we made our annual fall visit to our local pumpkin farm.

Most of the other visitors were families with much younger children; we had wondered if Kai would want to go again, but he tends to like to repeat fun experiences from the past.

Kai wanted to do all of our usual activities, starting with the giant slide.

His big smile indicates that he still enjoys going down the slide, even if it does not seem so "giant" as he has gotten bigger.

Next was the hay ride...

and then the corn maze...

Of course, we had to take our annual photo by the measuring stick..

We picked out a couple of pumpkins and washed them.

Kai wanted to carve them when we got home. We got him a book of stencils and he picked out a couple for our pumpkins.

He carved one pumpkin while I worked on the other.

I was amazed at how patient he was. He meticulously carved away. It was a rare sight to see him this focused on anything non-electronic.

It took about an hour, but we finished our jack o lanterns.

It was nice to share the carving experience with him instead of having to do it all myself.

Nice job, Kai.


  1. Wow...those carved pumpkins are going to look great when they are lit! Nice job!

    1. Kai likes to pick out some elaborate designs. They are nice but do take a lot longer to carve than something more simple. Thanks, Betsy.

  2. Wow...pumpkin carving has really been stepped up a notch. I haven't carved one for decades.

    Kai must have had fun carving that one.

    We no longer live in pumpkin country, so, we may no longer enjoy the hay rides and corn mazes near Halloween.

    1. You can buy some very elaborate templates for some very fancy designs.

      Kai may be getting a bit old for hay rides and such, but it's still nice to get outdoors this time of year.


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