Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Hunt for Pokémon

Kai is still very much into playing Pokémon GO, but hadn't had as much chance to catch Pokémon since we returned from Japan. In Pokémon GO, the most Pokémon are found in urban areas (which is why we found so many in Tokyo) whereas we live in the suburbs. So, on this last week of summer break, we thought it would be fun if my wife brought Kai to downtown Chicago where he and I could go hunting for Pokémon after I got off work.

They came down late Wednesday afternoon, and I met them in Millennium Park, not far from my office.

It was a hot day, and after walking from the train station catching some Pokémon along the way, Kai was enjoying a very refreshing splash in The Crown Fountain.

Though calling it a "splash" is a dramatic understatement. Kai enjoyed standing directly under the pouring water...

...which meant that he got drenched. He loved it!

After the splashing, I had planned that we would walk around and look for more Pokémon, but it started to rain severely. Not that Kai would mind as he was already soaking wet, but my wife and I wanted to get indoors.

We found refuge at the Shake Shack, and had dinner. My wife and I had burgers while Kai had a hot dog, and we all had their famous milk shakes. Though when it comes to food, I often dig right in to eat and forget to take the picture until there's hardly any food left on the table. :)

The rain thankfully ended just as we finished eating, so we were able to walk to the train station and catch a few more Pokémon along the way. But we didn't catch as many as we had hoped.

So, today, I took Kai back downtown for the hunt for more Pokémon. This time we went to Chicago's Museum Campus along the shores of Lake Michigan.

We parked near Soldier Field.

We walked by the Field Museum.

And on to the Shedd Aquarium.

We were catching Pokémon all along the way as we walked.

It was a fabulous day, sunny with pleasant temperatures in the low 70s. We had a great view of the beautiful Chicago skyline.

While Kai had great fun catching a lot of Pokémon. We found the most near the Adler Planetarium.

We caught so many Pokémon that Kai ran out of Poké balls, which are needed to catch the Pokémon.

We had lunch in the park before heading back home. Lunch was Chicago hot dogs, of course.

It was a really nice way to spend a stress-free Sunday.

School starts on Tuesday. Back to reality.


  1. Wow...Even the first day was a lot of fun...I can only imagine the great time Kai had on the second day. It was Kai day in the city. Almost unlimited Pokemon fun, and great scenery and food. Kai's big smile in every photo told the story of his day.

    1. Sunday was a perfect day to go walking along the beautiful Chicago lakefront. It wasn't hot at all, so I know you would have enjoyed it, too, Shiroi. It was a really fun father and son day.

  2. Fun to hear about you catching the Pokemon. And downtown Chicago sounds like the perfect place for that! We had that weather, nice!

    1. Betsy, the weather almost felt a bit Fall-ish as it was a touch cool with no humidity... perfect for catching Pokemon or just enjoying a nice walk.


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