Friday, September 30, 2016

NYC Weekend - Rough Start

I had earned a bonus and a couple extra days off from work and wanted to do something special. We decided on a weekend in New York City.

Fall is usually a great time to go so we decided on this weekend to make the trip.

I came home from work yesterday in a good mood but that dissipated quickly when I found out that Kai had not been doing all of his homework while telling us he didn't have any. Further, we found out that he had thrown away scoresheets from his teacher because he had done poorly and didn't want us to know. It was disappointing he did poorly but more so that he deceived us.

We told him that we would not be buying him any souvenirs from the Nintendo site in Manhattan. He was upset and seemed sincere in his apology but we weren't about to rescind the punishment.

And so our trip was off to a rocky start before it even began.

But that was only the start of our troubles. This morning we found out that our 1pm flight was cancelled. Instead of rebooking us on another flight, United told us we would have to fly standby. We got in the list for the 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, flights and did not get on.

Kai was got agitated as the wait extended but not much more than I did.

Finally, at about 6:30 they called our name. But the only had seats for two. I put my wife and Kai on. I am still waiting, hoping I will get on the next flight.

Kai and Mom could not get seats together... hopefully Kai will be okay.

I am not happy with United for the way they handled this. For three flights our place in the standby list never advanced as they kept moving people with status ahead of us.

Well enough of that for now. I have to see if I can get in the next flight.


  1. I find it absolutely incredible with the antics the airlines continually pull off on its customers.

    I hope Kai realizes that nothing may be enjoyed with a dark cloud hanging over us. When all the work is done first...everything else in life is a joy.

    I hope things work out in NYC. You are a far more patient man than I.

    1. Shiroi, there is even more to the story which I will write as time permits. Very furious at the shoddy service we received from #UnitedAirlines. But we are in NYC now (arrived at hotel around 1am) and hope to still enjoy the time we have.

  2. Oh! I hope things improve! Glad you got there ok and the weekend improves!

    1. We've done a lot and all feeling tired. My laptop isn't working so l will have to catch up on posts about the trip later.


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