Sunday, October 30, 2016

More Pumpkin Carving, and Kai's Halloween Costume

Though he carved a pumpkin on his own last weekend, Kai wanted to carve a couple more pumpkins with me.

This time we used some Angry Bird templates.

Kai carved one Angry Bird.

While I carved an Angry Bird pig character.

Here's how the pumpkins look lit up at night.

This year, Kai said that he wanted a scary costume for Halloween. He picked a scary one alright.

I guess the days of cute costumes are past.

Kai also created a special video for Halloween.

Kai said that his favourite part of the video was Mom's screams. Ha!

Have a Happy Halloween!


  1. That all looks like a lot of fun! The pumpkins look great!
    Happy Halloween! :)

    1. Kai really enjoys carving pumpkins and he's gotten good at patiently carving out the patterns from these templates. Happy Halloween to you, too, Betsy!


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