Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Respite into the City

It has been a rough several weeks for Kai at school with him increasingly frequently making serious remarks indicating despair and depression. But he mostly seems fine on the weekends and at home.

Today we went into the city to do one of his favorite activities, looking for Pokémon. We went to Chicago's Magnificent Mile. My wife took the opportunity to go shopping while Kai and I walked up and down Michigan Avenue.

Here we are near the Chicago River, with Trump Tower in the background.

From there, we walked over to Millennium Park.

Kai was delighted as we found many new Pokémon or ones that were stronger than those he already had.

After a couple hours of walking, we met back up with Mom for lunch. Kai enjoyed his Brown Cow - root beer with vanilla ice cream. He also had some pizza. My wife and I had the short rib beef sandwich.

After lunch we stopped in at the Lego store. Here are my wife and Kai standing in front of a Lego model of Trump Tower.

And inside, Kai with a Lego lightsaber.

Afterward he and I walked around and caught more Pokémon before we finally drove home. Kai enjoyed the entire excursion into the city.

When Kai is in despair, he tends to forget all the good things in his life. We will have to remember to remind him of these good times when he is feeling depressed. Hopefully it will help him realize that his life has more good than bad and that it would be a huge mistake to think otherwise.


  1. How many Pokemon characters are there to collect?
    There certainly a lot of interesting places to go in Chicago.

    Yes, you are right in that life must be looked upon as mostly good. Actually, it is the bad times which make the good so good in comparison. Someone that knows nothing but good, never really appreciates how good things are. You must walk through a little hell to truly appreciate our times of heaven.

    1. According to Kai, there are over 200 Pokemon to collect now in Pokemon Go. 80 of these are generation two that were just released a few weeks ago.

      I totally agree with you about how the bad times make you appreciate the good. With Kai, though, he seems to remember the bad but oftentimes forgets the good, especially in the heat of the moment.

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend! I hope the despair lessens....

    1. Working on the despair... nothing ever comes easily with Kai, however. Thanks, Betsy.


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