Monday, March 25, 2019

The Start of Our 2019 Spring Vacation - We're in San Francisco!

The day after Kai's Special Olympics swim meet, we started our spring vacation. Our destination this year is San Francisco.

We touched down at SFO shortly after 1:00PM. After checking in at our hotel, we took a stroll out to Fisherman's Wharf. It's fun to see the small seafood stands and on this day we got a plate of fried calamari and prawns to share.

Kai loved it! I'm sure we'll be back again to try crab and other seafood.

We walked around the area and eventually made our way down to Ghirardelli Square.

It was fun to stop in a few shops, in and near the Square, and we enjoyed a sample of Ghirardelli chocolate and bought some to bring back home.

Kai is on the search for a souvenir plush to bring home. My wife and I suggested that he get something related to the area, like this plush of the Golden Gate bridge, but it looks like Kai is more interested in getting another Pokemon plush or something similar.

We leisurely walked toward Lombard Street, taking in the interesting architecture along the way.

It was a straight uphill walk from the Wharf area, but Kai didn't complain at all. It was quite a change from past vacations that was nonstop moaning about the walk or hike.

We made it to "The World's Crookedest Street."

After taking pictures at the bottom, I wanted to walk up to take more photos looking down. Halfway up the walk, I could see my wife was getting tired so I offered to take the pictures midway. But Kai insisted that we go all the way up to the top of the street. Who is this boy?

After that, we called an Uber who drove us down the street.

And then it was on to meet Aunt Sharon and Uncle John for dinner.

They have come to Chicago many times, but this is the first time we had visited them in San Francisco so it was nice to see their apartment and spend a lovely evening with them.

So we're off to a good start! Looks like it will be rainy the next few days so we'll have to see how to handle that.


  1. Good for you, you made it to San Francisco. I see some very happy people in your photos. I am sure it is not just the fact of being in SF. I think the wonderful performance by Kai with his gold takes general happiness up a notch for everyone. Even though the weather will not be stellar...the fact that this is a well earned vacation will still make it special. I am glad for all of you.

    1. The glow of Kai's performance has definitely carried over onto our vacation and it has been a happy time. We plan to make the most of our time here regardless of the weather!


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