Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Countdown Ends

My son needed just one more day without an incident to make it to Level 2 at school.  It was a milestone we had been eyeing since he started there almost 10 months ago.  But, if he had an incident, attaining the next level would be delayed indefinitely.

I was a bit tense Monday morning and early afternoon when Kai was in school.  It was a low barometer day, which was when he more often had incidents at school.  But, he was wearing his Under Armour.  In addition to his usual compression shirt, my wife had also gotten him Under Armour compression pants to try out.  So, wearing the tight shirt and pants, he looked a bit ridiculous – like an Olympic speed skater – but, very cute.

We picked him up at school as we were departing for our Thanksgiving trip directly from there.  A classroom aide walked Kai out to us.  Kai looked fine, but you never know.  He was happy to see us, and started talking about our trip.

His aide had to prompt him to tell us “some news.”  Kai told us that he was now a Level 2 student.  My wife and I let out a big shout of joy and raised arms of celebration.

This does not mean that he will be perfectly behaved from now on.  But, it is an important milestone nonetheless.  He is making progress at school.  He is able to maintain safe behaviors for longer periods of time.  And, that is something to be thankful for.

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