Friday, January 7, 2011

He Slept? He Slept!

My son slept through the night last night.  That makes three nights in a row. 

For most kids, that is no big deal.  But, as I wrote before, Kai frequently wakes up in the middle of the night.  Tests have shown that he has very high glutamate levels which can result in disruptive sleep and bring on high levels of anxiety.  Over the past three years, it has been rare for him to sleep through the night more than two or three times a month.

On those occasions when he does sleep, the next morning my wife will ask me if he really did sleep through the night.  Since it is such a rare occurrence, we can hardly believe it. 

This current three-night streak is the most consecutive nights Kai has slept since mid-October when he had a stretch where he slept through the night for five nights in a row.  That was his best streak since he was three years old.  The October streak occurred just after we had started seeing an Applied Kinesiologist to work with Kai, so we had hopes that his sleeping issues were finally solved.  But, soon after that, his sleep patterns reverted back and he’s had only about one good night of sleep a week since then. 

We’re not sure what might be causing this latest good period of sleep.  We recently stopped giving him a supplement which relieved adrenal fatigue. On yesterday’s visit with Kai’s DAN doctor, he reported that Kai’s cortisol levels have rebounded a bit so additional adrenal support may have stimulated his adrenaline too much.  So, the supplement could have been contributing to his sleep issues.

We shall see if the effects last.  In the past we have had other periods where his sleep improved for a few nights, only to return to sleeplessness again.

But, for now, I’m not going to lose sleep over how long this may last. 

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