Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Weekend with Grandfather

“My dad is a throwback to a previous century. Or two.”

So begins my latest Patch article where I recount more of the angst that went into planning a weekend visit with my dad. Click here for the whole story.

And come back here tomorrow for details on our latest weekend adventure where we went camping.


  1. Your father is fortunate to live his life in an area of personal comfort. He is a man of the land...and he has sculpted his life to maximize that which he enjoys most. That is a great way to live.

    Although I agree with you and how you are raising your son...I also believe your father did a very good job raising you. You are the man you are today because, I am sure, to no small part from your father's teachings.

    You are well balanced in your thoughts, and so, your actions. Kai is also lucky to have you as a father and a role model.

    I am sure your father really liked your visit. I've always heard that grandchildren are a special pleasure for the grandparents.

    I must admit...the power drill thing...well, lets say that he is a better man than I... :)

  2. I am sure you are right that I am the man I am in no small part due to my father. I see a lot of my dad in me, for better or worse. It's funny how all of us become like our parents in many ways, even when we originally think we never will.

    As for the power drill thing, I'd have to say that my dad is "unique" which is a polite way of saying crazy. :)


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