Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Latest Dog

After we got back from vacation, we got another dog to sit, a dachshund named Wink.

Wink is very gentle and friendly, and we all adore her.

Kai has taken to her as well, perhaps more than with any dog we have had so far.

He even wanted to walk with her on a rainy day. And as you can see, those ponchos from Cave of the Mist came in handy.


  1. Dogs and children are, so often, a perfect match. Both are open hearted and can see that in one another I think.

    I like the wooded area of your neighborhood. It seems very relaxing there.

    1. Yes, I think that Kai relates to the dogs pretty well. Though he especially likes it when they get excited.

      Our neighborhood has a lot of big trees, so even when we don't go to the forested area, walking on the streets is still nice.

  2. Are you thinking of getting a dog yourselves?

    1. Steph, my wife would love to get a dog, but we're not quite ready for the commitment just yet. By just doing dog sitting, we can take dogs in when it is convenient for us, and without the financial burden. Someday though, I'm pretty sure we will get one!


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