Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Trip

Apologies for the long absence; a business trip, traveling for Thanksgiving, and some technical issues with my computer kept me from posting the past two weeks.

Our drive out east to my sister and brother-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving went well. My dad drove with us for the first time after flying there on his own in years past, and skipping the trip completely the last couple years.

We stayed overnight in a motel on our way out. After driving all day and then using the swimming pool, I did not feel like going out to find a place to eat. Instead, we had dinner at the restaurant in the motel.

Kai has been doing much better at restaurants. We don't get quite as anxious as we used to.

But this was a higher class of restaurant than we are used to going with him.

We ordered appetizers and salads in addition to the main course. Which meant that he had to wait for his meal to come.

He waited nicely. At first.

But about time when my wife’s and dad’s salads came and his meal had yet to be served, he started grumbling.

“How long do I have to wait?”

“I hate this restaurant!”

“This is a terrible place!”

He told us that the Mexican restaurant we go to at home always brings the food right away.

The waitress came by to check on us.

He told her, “I’m really hungry.”

It was actually quite an appropriate thing to say, though his perhaps tone could have been nicer.

The waitress soon came back with his meal, and all was well again.

The next day we arrived at our destination. My brother-in-law got Kai laughing right away as they engaged in their regular horseplay.

On Thanksgiving morning, we, of course, observed our Thanksgiving tradition. No, not watching the parade, or the football games. Kai wanted to play Nerf guns with his cousins.

We played Capture the Hill and it was fun until I tumbled down and fell hard on a rocky surface. Note to self: running full speed downhill while carrying a Nerf gun is not a good idea. Kai thought it was very funny, though. He laughed and laughed while I grimaced in pain, then tried to copy my ‘pratfall’ as he rolled down the hill. It was all funny to him until he, too, fell for real a little later. He got angry, as he often does when he hurts himself, but recovered fairly quickly. I, however, am still limping.

Of course, the highlight of any trip to my sister’s house is all the good food they serve us. She is the master chef, but every member of the family is a very proficient sous chef.

Kai helped out as well.

We had the usual turkey feast on Thanksgiving.

And an unusual fondue treat the next night.

And Kai wanted to do all of his other favorite activities that he always does there. It is becoming part of our Thanksgiving tradition to play miniature golf.

And go for a walk with the dog.

The activities are fun and the food is great. But the best part of all of our traditions is the good time spent with family.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving as well.


  1. Welcome back! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful time...lots of fun activity, family and food!

    1. Thanks, Betsy. And it sounds like you have a very nice Thanksgiving as well.

  2. That sounds like an amazing Thanksgiving! I am sorry you got hurt, hope you are feeling better! The food looked delicious, I wish I had somebody to cook for us like that! I am usually the one in the kitchen! I love the fun traditions your family has, that is giving me ideas for my little family!

    1. Thanks, Geovana. My knee feels a little less sore every day.

      I know how much work it is to put together a meal like that. I'm sure your family appreciates and enjoys all of your efforts.

  3. Sorry...I, too, had laughed when I saw your fall (in my mind). It must have been a comical sight to have been there :)

    The thing to be most thankful for...good times with family.

    1. Ha, I can laugh about it now - a little bit. :)

  4. Happy thanksgiving
    Loved this lovely detailed posts and the beautiful pics
    All in all, how does it feel now that you are working in a office ?

    1. K, looks like you had a very busy Thanksgiving as well!

      I am getting used to the commute to the office which is about an hour and a half each way. And I am adjusting to not being as involved in the day-to-day happenings in Kai's life. But I can't help but feel that his bond with me has loosened a bit... he seems to always want to be with his mother, even when I am home. Perhaps it is a momentary phase... we shall see. And actually, you gave me a good topic for future blog post. :)

      Best to you in your new home!

    2. I will love to read your new post - I am guessing its about transition to WOHD?

    3. Yes. Not sure when I'll write it, though. :)


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