Monday, June 24, 2013

Wanting All My Attention

For the past few days, the dachshund that took a liking to me the last time she stayed with us was back for a return visit. Mint’s affection for me was still strong.

When I got home from work the day she arrived for her return visit, she ran over immediately when she heard me enter the house. With her tail wagging profusely, and while barking very excitedly, she jumped all over me and tried to lick my face. Then she rolled over on her back so that I could give her lots of tummy rubs.

She followed me around everywhere I went, always looking up at me with love.

Her devotion brought on jealousy from the other dog staying with us. Taro normally only cared if my wife played with him, but with Mint attracting so much attention from me, Taro jumped on my lap as if to say, “hey, I want some, too.”

It was nice to get showered with affection from the time I walked in the door. Usually when I return home from work, my wife is busy with preparing dinner while Kai has his nose in his iPad.

But after the novelty of it wore off, it just felt a bit much. Can’t a guy go to the bathroom without a pooch whining from outside the door or, alternatively, staring while I’m ‘going’?

And the kisses on the mouth… let’s just say I much prefer my wife’s kisses.

Having a dog like that is kind of like having another attention-seeking child.

Speaking of which, my son still wants a lot of my attention. But these days he’s able to play a little bit more on his own than before. And not just when he’s on the iPad.

This weekend, he chose to play with the marble run that he got about three years ago. At that time, he mostly wanted me to put it together, and he’s scarcely done anything on his own with it since.

So, it was nice to see him build a few simple runs all on his own.

It’s been a challenge trying to get Kai to spend more time on his own without Mom or Dad always having to do things with him. He likes doing things with us. And as an only child, he doesn’t have siblings to play with. Plus, we rarely have other kids over. And besides, I want to make sure that he doesn’t spend too much time on electronic activities that aren’t educational.

So for now I feel that all the time I spend with Kai is necessary and important.

I don’t have a lot of energy to give to a dog that requires just as much attention.

It was nice having you here with us, Mint. But I’m glad it was only for a few days.

I’ve got a boy who needs my love and attention. And he doesn’t try to lick my face.


  1. haha...what a cute post. Mint sure loves you! We have a couple of cats that demand attention like that. It's sweet for a while and then gets obnoxious! hahaha...

    I love those marble runs...glad Kai was taking some initiative there!

    1. I think I would go crazy a bunch of cats started to follow me around all day. Hopefully it's only a couple of them because you have a lot of cats!

  2. I had only seen short hair Dachshunds before. With me...I just can't get enough of affection. I simply can hardly wait for us to finally move to our final home...where I may have a dog. I used to sleep with our first dog. He frequently wanted to sit in our always touch us in some form. I just love that.

    However, that was before Alex was born. I am like you. I feel that Alex deserves all of my attention. Plus...there is no other being I would rather spend my time with.

    1. Shiroi, the long-hair dachshunds are very beautiful.

      I like the affection, but what is hard is when I don't give her attention and then she starts whimpering. I have to either give her attention all the time or feel guilty when I hear her crying! :)

  3. what a wonderful writing style you are developing
    So funny
    love the pics
    yes its really nice to be needed but sometimes its also really nice to not be

    1. Thanks, K. It is nice to be needed but I found out that there is a limit to that, at least for me. :)


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