Friday, October 4, 2013

Quick Update: He Had a Good Day!

After the events of yesterday, we were nervous about how Kai would do at school today.

He seemed remarkably jovial in the morning, but we were not sure how he would react when it came time for his classmates to enjoy their movie while he would be in a different area.

We emailed his teacher to give her a heads up over how upset Kai was last night, and to ask her about the events of the previous day. She wrote back to say that the staff had provided supports to Kai throughout the activity, but that he refused most of them.

A little later, his school therapist emailed to say that Kai came to school with a calm demeanor and positive attitude and was doing well so far.

The rest of the day, including movie time, must have gone well. His score on the point sheet was one of the highest so far this school year, and my wife said that he came home with a smile and in a very good mood.

At this week’s community meeting, he had been awarded Student of the Week.

I don’t know that he really deserved that recognition for his behavior all week. But I think the school staff wanted to give him positive reinforcement for how wonderfully he overcame his disappointment from yesterday and turned it into such a good day today.

The recognition, and his outstanding day, was a surprise.

A good surprise.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


  1. Wow...that is wonderful! What a great way to start the weekend, too! :)

  2. I think much of the credit goes to you. A heart to heart talk often does wonders.

    Kai has a unique perspective in life. He feels at a much deeper level than most. I think that disappointment hits him especially hard because he also knows how great things feel when things go well.

    He will always be a man of extremes. However, it can lead to a richness in life not experienced by most. Once he learns to channel the depth of his emotions, he will have double the energy to express in a positive manner.

    Although I know it is the sometimes inappropriate outward expression of frustration which causes many of the problems, he has an edge in life in that he feels deeply. He has the potential to be very creative, and to have an iron will, if he can learn to channel his energy. Because of his depth, he can learn to relay his emotions into such things as writing. He has the potential to add a flair and color to his words that most cannot, because of the depth of emotion that most have not.

    It is the person devoid of deep passions and emotions for whom I feel sorry. Energy in life is what most lack. Kai has the potential for greatness in his passions in life.

    Once Kai learns to channel his frustrations into a positive direction or passion...he will have a level of drive which will propel him to heights not experienced by most.

    The real trick, is to find that passion. However, once found, he will be... unstoppable.

    1. I think the heart-to-heart talk did help. Long ago I probably would have scolded him for his behavior, but these days I try to listen before giving advice, and then in a calm, straightforward way.

      Kai does have a lot of passion. Hopefully he can retain that while also learning to understand how his own actions impact the things that happen to him.


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