Monday, December 23, 2013

Gingerbread Class

Winter break started and it’s a bit of a challenge to keep Kai busy with productive activities for two weeks. This weekend, we got some assistance from his mentor at school.

One of the nice extra things about our son’s school is that they have a program where an adult mentor will spend time with your child, taking them out for various activities while giving the parents a little break. Kai’s current mentor is his former teacher from second and third grade whom he adored. So it is great that they can continue their relationship.

This weekend, she took him to our local botanic garden for a class in gingerbread cookies.

Now this being a botanic garden, the class was more than just a cooking class. They taught the kids about all of the plants that are used in making gingerbread cookies. Here you see Kai inspecting one of the ingredients.

Of course, they also did make some cookies, too. Here you see Kai decorating:

And then he got to taste ginger in three different forms: pickled ginger, fresh ginger, and ginger ale. He liked ginger ale the best.

From all indications, Kai enjoyed it. And his mentor reported that Kai participated very nicely. And it was nice that he fit in quite well with all the typical kids who were in the class.

And while Kai was the class, my wife went shopping and I wrapped presents.

We’re just about ready for Christmas. Hope you are, too.

Photos courtesy of Kai's mentor


  1. That actually looks like a lot of fun! And how nice that his mentor there was his old favorite teacher. I'm sure she can see lots of great improvements in Kai!

    1. It's great as she seem to enjoy the time with Kai as much as he does.

  2. The mentoring program sounds like a very good idea. I like that observe-a-scope (my name for it :). Ah...I was wondering who had taken the pictures :)

    1. We're very thankful for the program.

      Ha, I like that name!


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