Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Magically Bad Day

I usually get a pretty good gauge of my son’s day at school within seconds of stepping into the house after I return home from work in the evening.

If Kai runs over to greet me and eagerly encourages me to look at his Point Sheet, then I know that he must have had a very good day.

If he is engrossed in his iPad and greets me in a friendly, but distracted way, then I know that he had a good, but not especially great, day.

And if he comes over and says, “Dad, whatever you do, do NOT look at my Point Sheet!” well, I know that he did not have a good day.

And that is how it was when I came home last night.

I heard my wife telling him to go get his Point Sheet. He had apparently hidden it somewhere and she could not find it.

He told her, “Mom, don’t let Dad see my Point Sheet.” Apparently Mom is allowed to see it but Dad is not.

I don’t yell at him if he’s had a bad day, but I do like to hear what happened. Oftentimes I will then talk with him about how he could have handled a situation differently. I don’t think I am being unreasonably harsh, but my wife says that Kai is scared to show me his Point Sheet on these days.

After much urging, he finally brought it over. But then he folded it up and hid it. “See? I did magic! It’s gone!”

Eventually he made it reappear and I got to take a look at it. 71%. Not as bad as I was anticipating after all that drama, but bad enough that he had lost his iPad privileges at home for the day.

Kai never likes to talk about what happened that caused his score to be so low. And it wasn’t so bad so we did not get an email from his teacher to explain anything. So we are left a bit in the dark on this one.

I just hope that when I get home from work tonight, there will be no need for any magic tricks.


  1. We have some similar scenarios. My favorite is when we have houseguests and my G yells, "Do NOT look at me I am changing...Now I am in my underwear! no peeking!" etc. Very subtle ;)

    1. Haha,that is the perfect way to get people to look. G sounds adorable.

    2. Oh he is, but he has some very magically bad days too...Onward! With adorable, complex, perfect sons!

  2. He seems to have an excellent day after a worse one, so maybe that will happen again. And maybe he'll finally offer the information on the bad day!
    Glad it wasn't as bad as it first seemed to be.

    1. Unfortunately, I already found out from my wife that he had a truly bad day today. It won't be a light-hearted conversation when I get home.

  3. My son is the same way. He doesn't want my wife to tell me when he messes up on something :)

    I was going to say that it doesn't seem so bad...then I read your reply to the above comment :(

    1. Yes, yesterday it was a little amusing. Today's is a bit more serious. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.


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