Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Weekend – Strawberry Picking and Water Fun

We went to up to Wisconsin this weekend for our annual outing to pick our own strawberries. The strawberries were the largest we’ve ever seen them. And the fields were crowded with more people than ever.

While the strawberries were large, they weren’t as sweet as ones we’ve had in the past. But Kai wasn’t complaining about that.

Though he did start to grumble about the heat. But after we had picked two boxes of berries, I think all of us were ready to go get lunch at our traditional favorite, The Brat Stop.

After we got home, my wife was ready to rest. Kai was ready to go to the beach.

So he and I went out for a couple of hours. The water was really cold, so after taking a dip up to our ankles, and splashing each other with water shooters, Kai was content to stay on shore and try to skip stones.

The next day, I took him to a birthday party at a home that had a large swimming pool. Kai had a great time swimming and playing with all the water toys, though he seemed pretty content to do his own thing and did not interact much with the other kids.

He’s a happy kid whenever there’s a swimming pool or beach so those will be our common weekend outings this summer.

Ah, if only life were one long summer weekend.


  1. What a fun weekend! Your strawberries do look huge!
    I love that last photo...gorgeous blue sky!

    1. In past years the strawberries were very tiny, but oh so sweet. Though they don't taste as good this year, I liked that they were bigger as it took less time to fill up two boxes. Don't know if we all would have tolerated the heat much longer! :)

      That last photo is not too bad for a cell phone camera, eh?

  2. Summer weekends are great aren't they? Picking fruit is fun, so long as the heat of the day is avoided :) There is just a little over a month left in our summer. We are going to pack it with as much fun as we can. I am sure you also have many things planned. Here is to our summers (a raised glass).

    1. Feels like our summer is just getting started but we know it won't last long. We have a few things planned including our most ambitious trip with Kai yet.

      Yes, here's to our summers!


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