Monday, October 13, 2014

Return to Didier Farms

We have been going to our local pumpkin farm most years since Kai was 4 years old. Last year we heard that the local government was going to take over the land to build a reservoir, but they are still in business so they must have held the government off for now.

We went back there on Saturday for our latest visit.

First up on Kai’s agenda is the giant slide. It has become a father-and-son tradition for us.

He wanted to go on it several times.

Next was the hayride through the corn field.

And for the first time this year, Kai wanted to go into the corn maze.

I had never done one either, and was impressed that you really can’t tell the right way to go when you are inside the maze.

There are numerous corny signs.

Kai enjoyed leading the way.

It seemed like we always chose the wrong path that led to a dead end. But at least we didn’t keep going in circles.

Though after a while, it seemed like we might never get out. Then another boy came running by to tell his family that he had discovered the way out. And so we followed him to the exit.

Next Kai wanted to ride on the mini dragon roller coaster.

This ride is for kids much younger than Kai. But I suppose it is progress of sorts that he wanted to ride it after all these years. Maybe next year he will want to try a real roller coaster at our local amusement park.

We couldn’t leave without getting a pumpkin and taking our annual photo by the measuring stick.

And though it doesn’t always seem like it, I guess these photos prove that our little boy really is growing up.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun....a very fall-ish tradition! And that last oh my...that really puts growth into something tangible! Just look how tall he is now!

    1. It's when we look back that we can really see Kai's growth. Hard to believe he's a foot taller than six years ago.

  2. We used to have a very large corn field maze where we used to live. There is nothing like that here. Do they also have the pumpkin chunkin contests there?

    Personally, I am glad my son doesn't like the large roller coasters at amusement parks...neither do I...and I would have been the one who would have had to have taken him on one were he keen on them :)

    The height measuring photo location is the perfect custom made attraction as part of a common sense marketing strategy for recustomerization (sorry...I just made that word up :).

    I don't understand why all parks which cater to children don't use this method to ensure repeat customers. Of course parents wish to see their child's growth...and to be able to mark the occasion in time with a photo.

    We have been to many parks for children...and to my surprise...they lack this type of photo area...and most especially...they lack plentiful shade throughout and comfortable seating areas for the parents (also in the shade).

    1. They do not have pumpkin chuckin contests around here.

      I am not exactly a big fan of roller coasters so I don't mind too much that Kai doesn't like them. I just don't want him to have fear of things.

      We love the photo measure here and you're right, it would be nice if more places had this. We like this one because it is a place we have gone almost every year.


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