Monday, November 17, 2014

First Sledding of the Season

It is not even Thanksgiving yet but it feels like winter is already well under way. I think it will be a long one.

Kai doesn't seem to mind. We had a little snow on the ground yesterday morning and he was eager to go sledding.

The sled went fine down the hill, but there wasn't enough snow for it didn't build up much speed so it quickly came to a stop once we reached the bottom of the hill. Still, not bad for the first sledding of the season. And we even were able to make snowballs.

* * * * * *

As we were driving back, Kai said, "You know, Dad, Christmas will be here soon."


"I've been pretty good this year, right?"

Hmmm, so-so, I'd say.



  1. haha....that's right...keep him guessing! Santa checks his list clear up until December 24th! There's plenty of time to be naughty or nice! :)

    1. That's right. Santa still has plenty of time to decide. :)

  2. I am still waiting for our first real snow fall. I love it also.

    I can see Kai had a good evidenced by that big smile :)

    1. He did have a good time. His big smile was definitely on display!


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