Wednesday, October 28, 2015

He Did It!

Kai returned from his very first overnight camp this afternoon.

My wife spoke with Kai's school therapist and she reported that Kai was "a good trooper" and that he tried all of the activities. Not everything went perfectly, but apparently things went well enough that he had a good time overall.

Kai hates to answer questions and to talk about school-related matters, so my wife waited until I got home from work before we peppered him with questions. That way he would have to talk about it only the one time.

I asked him if he was glad he went, and he said yes.

He described trying all of the activities. He said he was scared of the zip line (even though we had done it in New Hampshire over our summer vacation). He said it took him about 15 minutes before he could jump off and zip down.

He said the high ropes course was even scarier but he did it.

And he tried the climbing wall for the first time. He said he only got a third of the way up, but I was happy that he tried it.

He said the food was good though the spaghetti was not as good as Mom's.

He said he showered in the evening and my wife confirmed that his washcloth was actually wet.

He got one of the top bunks, and said he was able to sleep well.

Apparently he did not get especially homesick, and he seemed to be okay spending a day and night away from Mom.

So, we are both relieved and happy that he was able to do this. I'm sure he had a lot of support from the school staff, but it still was a nice little step toward independence.

Well done, Kai!


  1. This is HUGE! I'm sure you are so nice that it was a good time!

    1. Yes, we are very happy that it went well and that he seemed to mostly enjoy it. It was definitely a big milestone!

  2. That was so nice to hear. I know Kai will continue to will just take him a little longer than others. However, this will also make him even more compassionate towards others. He will have overcome difficulties in life that so many others will not have. He will gain knowledge reserved to those who had to overcome inner challenges...and he will be able to use this knowledge to become a much more wise person for his age than so many others.

    He now knows he can face greater fears than he will normally face in life.
    This confidence type course is what the military uses to mold its soldiers.
    This milestone is big. I congratulate Kai for a job well done.

    1. Empathy is still a big growth area for him, but hopefully he will be more understanding of others as he develops that ability.

      We were thrilled that his school offered this experience... the more challenges like this that he can successfully face, the lesser fears he will have about the next one. Thanks, Shiroi.


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