Thursday, February 4, 2016

Progress at School

Three weeks ago, there was one more incident at school between Kai and the same boy who was involved in the previous incident that I had written about before. This last incident sent Kai to the school nurse, and afterward all parties agreed that it was time to separate the two boys into different classrooms.

Since then, Kai has had the two best weeks of school so far this school year.

He has been noticeably less stressed about going to school, and his performance in class reflects that. He has been able to focus on his classwork without distractions, and has had only relatively minor issues. His point sheet scores have been the highest since he started middle school.

The other day, though, we heard from one of the classroom staff that he was stressing out. The school would be having their first semester awards ceremony the next day, and Kai was worried that he would be the only student to not receive an award. He used inappropriate language to initially express his anxiety. The staff used the occasion to have a great discussion. They told the kids that not all students will get an award and there will be more students who do not get one than those who do. The other students suggested to Kai that he could be happy for those who get an award and try harder for the 2nd semester. We reinforced those sentiments to Kai at home.

The next day he came home from school with good news - he had received an award! - High Honors for completing all of his homework and doing well in academics. He said he was the only one in his class to receive this particular award.

And so, after several rocky months, things have taken a definite turn for the better. Keep up the good work, Kai!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, indeed. We are happy with how things are now progressing.

  2. Very good Kai.

    I am surprised that it took a second altercation to have them separated.
    There should always be separation to allow a cooling off a year's worth :)

    1. The school has a philosophy of having students work through issues through problem solving and reflection. They had been trying this through many incidents long before these two altercations. It was good that they agreed that their approach was not working in this case and that separation was necessary.

  3. So happy to check back in with you and hear that hangs are going well :)

    1. Hi Steph! Yes, we're in a good cycle, for now anyway. :) Thanks for checking in!


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