Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Fun Day at Wet 'n Wild Waterpark

After waking up early the past two days so that we could get to the theme parks before it got too crowded, we slept in on our third morning in Orlando. This was our day to go to the Wet 'n Wild waterpark, and we didn't want to get there before the day heated up. So we enjoyed a great buffet breakfast at our hotel.

Our time at the waterpark was great. Although Kai enjoyed the two Universal theme parks, he thought of the waterpark as saving the best for last.

We went on every tube slide and enjoyed them all.

Later, we went out for our last dinner in Orlando before beginning our journey home the next morning. We toasted to a great vacation.

And enjoyed a good meal at a Mexican restaurant. My meal of sautéed shrimp scallops, and skirt steak, marinated in roasted chipotle tomato sauce, lime juice, and queso fresco was my favorite meal in Orlando.

Despite a few rocky moments, we had a great vacation. Universal Orlando exceeded expectations and we are very happy we made this trip.

Next, we begin the long drive back home.


  1. I am happy for Kai. He is maturing well. He deserved such a great vacation. I saw nothing but great smiles from Kai in this article.

    I hope the drive home will go as smoothly as did your time at the parks.


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