Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kai Carving the Pumpkin

It has been our father-and-son tradition for Kai and I to carve Halloween pumpkins together. Years ago, I did all of the carving, but in the past couple of years Kai has started to carve much of the jack-o-lanterns after I got things started. This year, I had to go away for the weekend so Kai did the carving all on his own.

He even used the occasion to make one of his YouTube videos, complete with a little Kai humor.

He went on to finish up his jack-o-lantern.

The kid is growing up fast. He did a nice job all on his own.


  1. Very imaginative! I certainly had not thought that his patient would have died...and complete with sound effects :)

    What a great hobby for Kai. Making YouTube videos is also a great way to chronicle his own life. He will have fun looking back one day.

    1. He puts a lot of thought and planning into each video, including researching to find just the right song or sound effect. He always thinks about how to turn an event into a video or to make one for a particular holiday.


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