Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Kai turned 13 last week.

I was away on a business trip on his birthday, but we celebrated the day before with cake, and he got to open the many presents he got from his relatives.

This weekend, Kai had a three-day weekend with the President's Day holiday. I took Monday off from work and we had a little staycation in Schaumburg, similar to last year.

The weather was unusually warm and springlike. I didn't hear the weather news but am thinking that it had to be a record high with temps right around 70 degrees all weekend. It was perfect for walking around outside to look for Pokémon. Pokémon Go just released their generation two Pokémon so we saw a lot of people all over Schaumburg playing the game. It was just like when it was first released last summer. Of all the things we did this weekend, I think Kai enjoyed playing Pokémon Go the most. We could have saved a lot of money and just done that in our own neighborhood at home. Ha!

On Saturday night, we went back to Medieval Times. We had good seats right in the first row.

We were in the Blue section and cheered for the Blue knight. Alas, he was not victorious, but Kai enjoyed it all.

We ordered the Celebration package which included birthday cake and an announcement of his birthday by the king.

On Saturday, we went to see the Lego Batman movie and went to play video games at Dave and Busters. We also searched for more Pokémon before having dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse.

On Monday, we went to the local Legoland.

Kai enjoyed taking photos of many of the Lego exhibits. Here he is in front of the downtown Chicago exhibit.

And here he is in the Lego hippo.

And maybe his favorite part was getting to pick out a Lego Batman set at the store.

It was a fun weekend. Now we have to let it sink in that he is a teenager. Oh my!


  1. Wow...that is a weekend packed with activity! I'm sure he enjoyed every bit of it! Happy Birthday, Kai!

    1. I think he did enjoy all of it. Thanks, Betsy!

  2. A fun time for Kai. Believe me...I know how quickly children grow.
    Turning thirteen is a turning point. Parents start to realize that they will, soon enough, lose their children to adulthood. It is both, bitter, and sweet.

    I really like detailed city exhibits. I assume there were also tiny model trains running up and down the tracks?

    We have had snow storms here. You have had some nice weather. It really must have felt good to get outside.

    I'll bet Kai's face lit up when his name was called out for his birthday.
    I have always liked Medieval Times.

    Well, I had seen lots of smiles from Kai. It must have been a very fun weekend for all.

    Happy Birthday Kai.

    1. Time has passed quickly, but I think it will feel even more accelerated now.

      Seeing the Chicago exhibit is my favorite part of visiting this Legoland. Yes, they did have some trains running, and all the buildings were very realistic.

      We have had no snow since before Christmas. It felt great to get outside, but it will be tough to get used to cold weather again when it cools off.

      Kai did enjoy hearing his name called out at Medieval Times... the guy even pronounced his last name correctly. :)

      Yes, we saw lots of smiles from Kai the whole weekend. Thanks, Shiroi.


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