Monday, June 26, 2017

Dog Walking

Kai wanted to earn some extra money so my wife offered to pay him for walking dogs this summer. But she is training her dogs to walk nicely, and he would have to walk with them the same as she does.

Most people walk their dogs on long leashes and let the dog go pretty much where ever they want to go. In that case, the dog decides when they want to walk, when they want to stop and sniff, and it ends up being the dog walking the person rather than the other way around. My wife is working to have her dogs walk next to her, not ahead of her. That way it is safer for everyone and the dog gets good exercise. (After a nice walk, she will then take the dog to a dog park or let them run in our backyard to have play time).

Here she is telling Kai what to do and how to hold the leash.

And here you see him with Volt, a 7-month old puppy. Kai is holding the leash short to keep Volt next to him, but he doesn't need to clutch the leash tightly. In fact, it is better to be relaxed and show the dog you have confidence.

Kai has a nice straight posture that reflects his confidence.

He's doing a nice job of walking with Volt. But either my wife or I will accompany him on all walks until he is older just in case something happens.

Still, it is nice to see him show initiative and take responsibility.

And Volt is the perfect dog to pair with him right now.


  1. Good for Kai. He is not only trying to make money, he is willing to listen and learn. He is growing.

    1. Yes, it is good to see that he paid attention to my wife's instructions and was able to do as she taught. He probably wouldn't have done that so well just a couple of years ago, so it is a sign of progress.

  2. Walking the dog instead of the dog walking you...haha...I like that! Looks like Kai is doing a great job of it, too! Volt is a cutie!

    1. Most people let their dog walk them instead of the other way around. :)

      Volt is a real cutie! We love having him!


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