Friday, July 21, 2017

Kai's Latest Creation - Porygon Z

For Kai's latest project, he wanted to make a Pokémon, Porygon Z.

He pulled up a picture of the character on the iPad, and cut out pieces of blue and pink felt. He does not use a template.

This was his most challenging creation yet as there were different pieces that had to come together.

He did get frustrated at times when he was working on the most difficult parts.

But mostly he stuck with it.

He glued on the eyes but all the remaining parts were sewn. Mom helped just a little bit when Kai was trying to connect the head to the body, but otherwise he did it all himself including connecting the arms and beak to the body.

He was pleased with the results.

So was I!


  1. Wow, very good! Kai is getting to be very good with his creations. This is more old school imaginative play...making your own toys. This can be some of the most rewarding sort of play there is.

    1. Yes, that is a good way of looking at it! He came up with the idea of making his own all by himself, and is mostly enjoying them. Thanks, Shiroi.

  2. I am blown away! He did an amazing job with that. No wonder he was happy with the result! Very fun, too...

    1. He has surprised us with these. That he came up with the idea to do this is wonderful, but that he works very diligently through some challenging parts is especially nice.


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