Tuesday, March 26, 2019

San Francisco, Day 2

We planned to spend our first full day in San Francisco seeing many famous sites.

We started our day with breakfast at Krispy Kreme.

And then we took a Powell & Hyde cable car all the way down to the end of the line.

We found a gaming store that Kai enjoyed.

The Union Square Macy's had a fun flower show in the cosmetic department.

And then we found this sculpture by Union Square.

After that, we walked up to Chinatown.

We had Chinese for lunch, of course. It wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. But we went to a different place afterward for boba tea and Kai loved that.

We walked all over Chinatown, but when it started to rain we went to our indoor contingency plan, a visit to the Exploratorium, a very interesting science museum.

Kai loves hands-on exhibits and the Exploratorium has a ton of them.

I think Kai tried every single one of them.

I was exhausted by the time the museum closed. We took about an hour break at our hotel before heading out to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner. We went to Aliotto's and were able to get a window seat with a great view of the harbor with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

We all had dungeness crab for dinner. Kai loved it and said he it was better than lobster.

It had been cloudy all day, but the sky cleared just a bit right as the sun was setting. It made for a very nice sunset. Kai said he thought it was the best we've ever seen.

Meanwhile, we cleaned up all of the crab.

And so ended another great day. We're on a roll!


  1. Very nice. I’ve eaten at that restaurant before. It is good. If you love crab, on Pier 39 there is a really good place called Crab House. I am glad you got to see a nice sunset. The whole Bay Area near SF has a lot of great sunsets. If they still have it operating, you must try the rocket boat ride near Pier 39. Kai will have a blast on it. My whole family loved it. The ferry ride to Sausalito is also nice. You could just go there for supper and get some nice overall views of SF from there. SF is a lot of fun. You seem to be hitting all the great spots.

    1. It's funny that we sat down to eat lunch at Pier 39 when my wife read this comment that you left... the place we went to wasn't bad, but we should have read your suggestion before we went there. :)

      We'll be going to Sausalito tomorrow and will take the ferry back.


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