Hanabi is the Japanese word for fireworks. Literally translated, it means “flowers of fire.”

My six year old son, Kai, is the inspiration for this blog and its title. Like hanabi, he is at times loud, often brilliant, and always beautiful.

I should tell you that Kai has autism. But, that is just one of many words you would need to describe him. Funny, smart, persnickety, sensitive, and sweet are just some of the others.

I think some people have preconceived notions of people with autism, while others have virtually no conception at all. Kai fits some of the stereotypes people may have, but certainly not all. I think that is pretty much true of all kids on the autism spectrum.

My hope is that, through this blog, you will see what a dazzling firecracker of a kid he is, and by extension, understand that all kids deserve to be seen for the unique qualities they all have. Although this will not be an “autism blog” per se, my hope is that I can give you insight into one family’s experience with autism.
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