Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Brave: Update

Last week I wrote about our son’s experience in getting his blood drawn for a blood test. Unlike previous times, he was brave. But the technician had trouble getting blood to flow out of his arm, and she had to stick him with the needle in a different spot. After three attempts, we gave up, leaving Kai upset about the whole experience.

Yesterday, my wife took him back to try again.

Last week was not the first time that professionals had trouble drawing Kai’s blood. It has happened several times before. We’ve been told that he has extraordinarily small veins. Having to be stuck with a needle multiple times each time he has this procedure has contributed to his fear of having his blood taken.

The only place we’ve had any success getting his blood with just one poke is the same clinic we went to last week, though with a different technician. So, rather than going to the nearby hospital where we’ve had no success, my wife made the one hour drive back up to the clinic in Wisconsin. The technician who had been successful in the past would be there this time.

I was surprised to find out that Kai again showed no fear at the clinic. My wife tells me that he cooperated beautifully, willingly sticking his arm on the table. It was the first time that he did not have to be restrained at all. And this time, they were able to get the blood flowing with just one poke. And though the flow slowed after a couple of vials, the technician did a few maneuvers and got it going again.

In the end, my son gave five vials of blood without shedding any tears. It is a sign that he is starting to grow up.


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