Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trivia, Trivial, or Just Quirky?

My son attends his school’s after-school program on Wednesdays. The kids participate in recreational activities such as Legos or board games or Wii. My son has a different idea on recreation. Here is what he brought home in his backpack.

We found dozens of these pieces of paper that he had cut out. On each one, he wrote the atomic symbol and discovery dates of different elements that he had memorized over the past few weeks. Molybdenum was first isolated in 1778; Tellurium in 1782.

It’s not exactly the social activity that we were hoping for when we signed him up for this program. I mean, I really doubt that there’s another kid there who he is swapping element cards with.

And I’m pretty sure that knowing the dates that elements were discovered will never be useful to him, except perhaps to win party bets when he is older.

But, still, I can’t help but smile. Uniqueness is a virtue, right?

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  1. My son did so much of the same types of things when he was younger. I thought (and still do) it was the cutest thing. It is precisely those little unique things that he does that you will remember so fondly later on.

    Being with my son is such an adventure...I love how he is so unique. Beneath it all is his strong sense of justice and compassion.

    Your son reminds me so much of mine when he was the same age.

    Treasure your time with your son. Mine is growing up so fast...I haven't had my fill of his younger years yet...but I know all of those special unique things that he had done... will stay in my mind forever.


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