Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last of the Dog Days of Summer

Kix is finishing up his third stay with us today and it looks like we won’t have another dog for awhile. With the passing of Labor Day, summer travel season is over and there aren’t many people looking for dog sitters.

Kai has enjoyed all of the dogs we have had.

Well, maybe not so much the one that peed on his bed.

Though he actually likes it when a dog does something he or she is not supposed to do.

The first time a dog did their business inside the house, Kai shouted with glee. “Give her a timeout, Mom!” He was delighted that someone other than him would be punished.

He was slightly let down when Mom said that timeouts don’t work on dogs.

But the next time something like that happened, he again was laughing and jumping for joy while my wife and I rushed to clean up the mess.

Even aside from his silly pleasure over the poop and pee accidents, Kai was very happy to have the dogs in our house.

And he was disappointed to learn that we probably won’t have another one for at least a few weeks.

“That’s too long! I want to get another dog.”

No, we are not going to rush out to buy a dog.

But it is nice that our son now wants one so much. It is a complete turnaround from a few years ago.

Any time my son overcomes a fear, and develops an attachment toward another living thing, is a good time in my book.

So who knows, perhaps one day, the dog days will be with us all year round.


  1. Children and animals...almost always a great combination. I am sure the animals also had a great time. :)

    1. I do believe all of the dogs had a great time with us as my wife gave them lots of attention. I think they will be happy to stay with us again. :)


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