Sunday, September 9, 2012

The First Few Days

Well, that didn’t go as I wanted.

On the evening after my first day on the new job, I felt exhausted. At that point, I was doing some wishful thinking that I just needed to get used to that long walk from the office to the train station. But later, when I started to feel chills, I realized that I was coming down with something.

I loaded up with vitamin C and medicines.

The next morning, I went back to work. There was no way I could call in sick on the second day on the job.

The meds, along with adrenaline, gave me strength. I felt okay all morning.

But, by afternoon I found it hard to concentrate. And after 5 PM, I just wanted to get home.

I was still sick the next morning. I had a fever in addition to other symptoms. I really hated to do it, but I decided it was best to stay home, rest up, and hope to recover in time for the intensive training that begins tomorrow.

So, yes, I am now that person who called in sick on his third day on the job.

My wife was not exactly sympathetic.

“You’ll probably get fired,” she said.

I believe that the increased stress she’s been under the past few days caused her to get her words mixed up. What she meant to say was, “sorry you’re feeling so badly. I’m sure things will work out.”

The bright spot in all this is that Kai has done remarkably well with the big change.

He had a very good week of school. He had a safe week. And he was a mostly jovial mood at home.

He just came home from another session at the pool with the diving board. This time, even from this morning, he talked about how he could not wait to go off the board.

I’ll tradeoff a little discomfort for seeing my son do so well.

Though, I’d rather we all were fine.

Let’s see what the next few days bring.


  1. The part about your wife being under stress and mixing up her words was funny!

    When I used to get too sick to work sometimes...I would have to explain about the nature of true illness...about how the timing is not controlled by the person...about how statistics work (averages over long periods of time)...just to get through to boneheaded supervisors who thought it was their duty to question all illness with deep suspicion. Yes...I did my best to make them look stupid on paper...and yes...I was working there a long time before I did so :)

    1. Hopefully the people at my new company will be somewhat understanding... I'm too new to do what you did. :)

  2. Many hugs
    HOpe you feel better soon
    of course you will not get fired - but that joke was funny

    1. Thanks, K. Going back in this morning. Still not 100%, but I'm feeling a bit better. Hope they let me in. ;)

  3. I am so sorry that you are not feeling well! I am sure that the stress of a new job and changes might have done a number on your immune system! You are lucky to celebrate your son's quick adjustment! If this was my house, it would have been a rocky week at least! Take care!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I'm back up to speed now. I was really amazed at Kai's ability to adjust so well. I don't think it would have gone this well a year ago.

  4. Wow... chills sound a bit more serious than a cold. But glad to hear you're doing better! Hang tough mom & dad!


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