Sunday, July 16, 2017

More Sewing!

Kai's interest in sewing and creating his own plush creations has continued.

A few weeks ago, we all stopped by a craft store so he could pick out the sheets of felt he wanted for his next project. He used his phone to look up a pictures of the characters he wanted to make in order to match the colors.

He paid for the material with his allowance money.

In the next photo, Kai is starting to work on the head of one of the characters. He opens a picture on his iPad in order to make sure his design matches.

For this character, he glued some of the facial features while sewing the main parts of the body.

The following photo shows one of his works in progress.

And the next photo shows Kai holding the two finished products. Note that these were a little more complicated than his first project (which is on the bed directly in front of him) as these latest ones have arms and legs which he had to attach to the main part of the body.

After he finished those two, he went on to make a pig-like Pokémon character called Swinub. On his earlier creations, he had Mom help with some of the starting and finishing points of the sewing, but he was able to make Swinub all by himself with no help.

Here he is showing Swinub to his grandparents in Japan during our weekly Skype conversation.

Kai is now working on his most challenging creation yet. I'll post on that when he finishes.


  1. Kai has really improved. What a great hobby for Kai. He gets to make all of his favorite characters. He seems very happy Skypeing his grandparents.

    1. Yes, this is a great hobby for Kai. He likes to make things and I like that he is making the plush characters rather than just buying them.

      It is hard to get him to talk to his grandparents, but it is easier when he has something to show them. He had a nice time showing them his latest plush.


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