Sunday, July 9, 2017

Taste of Chicago

We didn't have any dogs today so we thought we would go into the city and check out Taste of Chicago.

Chicago has many festivals throughout the summer, but Taste of Chicago is the granddaddy of them all. I used to go every year when I was single and lived in the city, but it has been many years since I last went. This would be the first time we would go with Kai.

It was hot and crowded, though not as crowded as when I used to attend years ago.

Although pizza is a big seller, we wanted to try more unusual offerings. Here we are trying Korean pork belly steamed buns.

And the following photos shows us with African jerk chicken.

Alas, on this hot day, Kai's favorite, and my wife's as well, was this watermelon bar.

But what Kai liked most of all was standing under a spray of water and cooling off.

Before we left, we stopped by Buckingham Fountain.

I had fond memories of the Taste from my younger days, but we all agreed that this was a one-time visit for us as a family. Oh well, you try different activities and some are more interesting than others. And considering that the other activity we were considering was going to the Cubs game and they ended up losing 14-3, well, I guess this wasn't so bad.


  1. Wow, I love festivals with all kinds of great food to try!
    Well, at least you had tried the festival. I can understand not wanting to go back, especially because of the crowds and the heat.

    Still, it was a good one time event. I had seen some smiles on Kai's face, so, those times will be remembered.

    1. I'm not as tolerant of crowds and heat like I used to be. But we got to experience it this one time.


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