Thursday, August 26, 2010

Surprise at the Grocery Store

Until recently, my wife was very reluctant to take our son with her when she went to the grocery store. The risk of a severe tantrum and subsequent embarrassing public spectacle was just too great.

But, with Kai not in school during summer break, it’s harder to get to the store without him. And, since his behavior at home has gotten so much better, my wife has been bringing him to the store with her more often.

I’m happy to say that he has been darn near exceptional. He hasn’t had one bad incident all summer. My wife reports that Kai does not beg for anything and even helps her to pick out fruits and vegetables. Also, whereas before he used to obsess over numbers and insist on having to go through the entire store to see every aisle number, these days he is much more mellow about that and makes no such demands.

Despite these remarkable changes, we still were surprised at what occurred on a recent shopping trip.

While waiting for the cashier to check out all the groceries, Kai walked over to the woman who was bagging. “Thank you for helping us,” he said, totally unprompted. The woman smiled at him while my wife was simply stunned. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that we were thrilled when he said any words, let alone something that involved such nice interaction with another person.

The Boy Who Did Not Speak surprises us again.

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  1. I loved reading your blog. It's excellently written. You (and of course your dear wife) are exceptional parents and Kai would not be where he is without you both. He is one special little boy. Keep blogging :-)...


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