Tuesday, August 31, 2010

‘Temple Grandin’ an Enthralling Look Into Autism

The HBO film Temple Grandin won seven Emmy Awards during this past Sunday’s ceremonies.  It is the true story of a woman who was diagnosed with autism at a young age because of her inability to speak or function socially like other children.  Temple Grandin grew up to earn a doctorate in animal science and become a university professor.  The film focuses on her experiences as a young woman that led to incredible advancements she made in the treatment of livestock.

My wife and I both loved this film.  It did an especially good job in helping us to understand how Grandin's mind, and perhaps our son’s too, works. Grandin sees the world in pictures, not in text. It also does a great job in illustrating how overstimulation in social situations is one of autism’s more devastating consequences.  As parents of a child with autism, it was inspiring to see that this woman with autism learned to function so well in “our” world even though she sees it in such a very different way. 

If I’m making this sound like a dry documentary, I have done the film a huge disservice.  This is as enthralling and entertaining a movie as we’ve seen all year.  Claire Danes gives an outstanding performance as Temple Grandin and is most deserving of her Emmy Award.  Go buy or rent this movie!

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