Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Network TV Premiers “Siblinghood”

How do teenagers feel about having a brother or sister with special needs? An exciting new show gives us some great insights.

Meet Alex, Maggie, Nick, and Evan. They are the four bright teens who are featured on Family Network TV’s new program, “Siblinghood.”

The premier episode, “Sibs Take Manhattan” introduces us to the hosts:
Alex has an older sister, Sam, with Down Syndrome;
Maggie has a younger sister, Katie, with a rare chromosome deletion;
Nick has a younger brother, Joey, with autism;
Evan has a brother with higher functioning autism.

    Children with disabilities require of lot of attention from parents. But, how does that affect the “other” children? What is their perspective? Over the course of the show, we will hear from each of the four hosts, as well as others along the way.

    In the first episode, we are introduced to Kelly, a college student who also has a sibling with special needs. Kelly provided the most impactful moment when she spoke of how growing up with her brother inspired her career choice of working with kids with special needs. She got emotional, and we all did as well, as she recounted that “I missed out on a few things when I was younger which seemed like a big deal at the time… but looking back on it now, I’m so thankful that I had that time with Steven.”

    Real teens. Real emotions. And, a really good program. Check it out here.

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