Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going for Green

Yesterday I wrote about Green Smoothies. Today, my son goes for a green belt on his karate exam. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!

My son has been in a karate class for kids with special needs for a year and a half. When Kai first started, we thought that he would not be able to keep up with his peers in the class. Based on his performance in school at the time, it seemed likely that he would not be able to listen and follow along with the rest of the group. Also, physically, his core muscles were weak, he lacked coordination, and did not have good control of his body or awareness of his body in motion.

That he was able to learn and fit in with the class after just a few weeks was an eye opener for us. A lot of credit goes to the firm methods of the sensei who was able to get Kai to focus and perform well.

Kai earned his yellow belt in a few months and then an orange one after about a year. Still, he always kept a pretty nonchalant attitude. While the other kids seemed to take the karate more seriously, Kai often had a goofy smile on his face while practicing his kata (karate movements). Not exactly ninja like.

Recently, however, he has become more diligent. For the first time, he cares about the test. He wants his green belt. And, he seems confident that he will get it. At class earlier in the week, after he demonstrated his kata, he told sensei, “I did a good job. Can I have my green belt today? Of course sensei barked at him that he would have to take the test.

So, we shall see how it goes today. I don’t know if he is quite ready to be awarded the green belt just yet. But, I am happy to see how he has matured.

Whether he goes green or stays orange, it will be a nice Saint Patty’s day for us.

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