Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to Reality

Vacation is over and we are back to our daily routine – arguments over homework, whining about breakfast, and googling the dates that various elements were discovered. Can we go back to New Mexico?

I did not realize how stress-free I felt last week until it all started settling back in during the past couple of days. Now it feels like my relaxed state is fading from my body like an old photograph that blurs over time.

My son actually seems to be handling the transition back to real life better than I am. After a so-so first day of school, he had a very good day yesterday.

And he doesn’t seem to miss being on vacation. Maybe that is because he’s been able to continue to do what was his personal highlight of our trip – watching YouTube videos of pool trick shots, which we first did while enduring our long delay at the airport coming home. These days, he’s gone from asking what our eighth favorite element is to asking which pool ball is our sixth favorite.

Well, while I ponder that question, I’ll ask you another one: is it too soon to go on another vacation?

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