Friday, April 29, 2011

If the Royal Couple Had a Child With Autism

The world has a new princess today. She’s a beautiful bride. And, from all indications, she seems like quite a fine young woman who will represent her country well.

Seeing the young couple, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of optimism about the world this morning. It’s a silly feeling, I know, as nothing has really changed for the rest of us. But there’s something about a wedding that brings hope to all who are touched by it.

Though when my thoughts came back to the reality of my own life, I started to wonder, what would happen if the Royal Couple had a child with autism?

Forgive me if that offends any of you. On wedding days, we are not supposed to think such thoughts, are we? We are supposed to think only of ‘happily ever afters.’ After all, how many of you thought of the possibility of having a child with autism on your wedding day? Not many, I presume.

And yet, I can’t help but wonder what it might be like if Kate and William had to deal with the same challenges that we deal with every day.

With all of the paparazzi and media outlets these days, it would be difficult to maintain privacy. How awful would it be to deal with all of the emotions of learning about your child’s autism with the whole world watching? And think about reaction on all of the social networks. They would be abuzz with people commenting about every move. Everyone would be second-guessing diets and medications, therapies and treatments.

“Why are they doing Floortime and not ABA?” “Why are they wasting their time with that special diet?” “Why are they doing all of those quack treatments?”

But after the couple began to accept their circumstances, I wonder if they would embrace the opportunity to share with the world their experiences in raising a child with special needs? It certainly would build awareness better than any organized campaign ever could. A Royal Child With Autism would personalize the disability for those who have yet to experience it in their own lives. And then maybe, this still-hidden disability would not be as hidden.

Ah, but those thoughts are really for another day, right?

Best wishes to the Prince and his new bride. May you be happy together.


  1. Great thoughts. I agree that I felt a sense of relief and general happiness when I turned on the news this morning and saw the royal wedding rather than the usual doom and gloom, especially lately with all the storms, natural disasters, and war.

  2. Nothing like a fairy tale to take your mind off grim reality.


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