Friday, September 23, 2011

A Nice Finish to a Good Week

“It’s a new day. It’s a new week. Hopefully, it is a new beginning.”

That is how I closed my entry at the beginning of the week.

After weeks of tough times, we had some positive experiences last weekend. Still, we weren’t sure if it would carry over to school. After all, Kai had been having major incidents on an almost daily basis since the beginning of summer.

As the week started, it looked like nothing had changed as far as school was concerned. Kai had three major incidents in the first three days.

And then yesterday, out of the blue, he earned a “100%” on his school point sheet. That meant that he was safe all day. That he followed directions in every period and stayed on task for every class.

Where did that come from?

Surely, it was just a one-day wonder.

Today, he earned a “98%.” That means he had two great days in a row, no longer an aberration.

He also was named Student of the Week for the first time in many months. Obviously the school overlooked his incidents earlier in the week in order to give positive reinforcement to his improved behavior later on.

I don’t know why this sudden change. I can only speculate that he may finally be adjusting to the medication he has been taking.

But, regardless, it is a great way to end the week.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. It does sound as if the correct medication level has finally been reached.
    It sounds as if there are more clear skies in your forecast. Even if not...ever forward and onward!

  2. Yes, that's right, clear skies or no, we move onward!


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