Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take It Out On The Husband Day

“It was Take It Out On The Husband Day at our house recently…”

I am sure that many parents of children with special needs can relate to the stressful times we had recently. Check out my latest column in the Patch to read about our tough week. Click here to read the whole story. Here’s hoping that my wife reads all the way to the end! ☺


  1. My wife has said that research points to an 80% divorce rate among parents with Autistic Spectrum children. The added stress, I am sure, can vent nowhere, it seems, except at each other at times. I do understand you...I am naturally short of patience...add to this...stubbornness in one...and absolute correctness in the other :) ...well...in our household...we, the parents...misbehave far more often than our child does.

  2. Haha, that is good that you have an awareness of yourselves. When you face stress situations as often as many parents of ASD kids do, hopefully you learn over time to cope and be supportive. I think we are getting better at it.


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