Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crayons and Go Karts

Kai is on Spring Break so we took a few days to visit grandparents.

We always have a nice time visiting Bubbe and Papa. Bubbe always has a special activity for Kai. This time was no exception.

With Kai’s latest obsession of crayons, Bubbe got him the Crayola Crayon Maker. This device takes old crayons, melts them, and molds them into new crayons. Kai was really intrigued watching the crayons melt and blend together into new color combinations.

Kai also shared a special time with his grandfather. Papa took Kai out on a go kart for the very first time. Kai picked out the #34 Pepsi car and they were off and racing.

Kai clutched onto Papa’s arm the whole time, and said afterward that he was “a little scared,” but that it was a lot of fun. The picture below shows them just after they lapped Mom.

For a few days, it was just a boy and his grandparents having a great time. We had no worries of school incidents or medications or anything else. How awesome is that?!


  1. Brilliant. Sounds like fun was had by all :)

  2. Good times made magical for Kai. He will remember these special times. I still remember much from my childhood...most from those magical moments such as these.

    Beware...there is a nasty little flu bug going around. Our whole family got sick. It has been almost a week now since we got the initial symptoms. We are just getting over it now.

    1. Sorry to hear that all of you were hit with the flu. I got over mine in just a couple days, and we were lucky that no one else caught it.

      Yes, I am sure Kai will remember the time he spends with his family.


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