Saturday, March 31, 2012


When Kai was younger, he was afraid of dogs. Particularly, Emi, my sister’s dog.

When Kai met Emi the first time, she was a very active puppy. And he was four years old and much smaller than he is now.

Emi is a border collie, and border collies love to run and chase things that run. Like little boys who are afraid of dogs. So it wasn’t a great combination.

Kai would be afraid of the dog and try to run away, which would only prompt Emi to bark and chase after him, which, in turn, only made Kai more afraid.

But a lot has changed since those first visits.

Kai is older. He is not afraid of everything as he used to be, even active dogs.

This week, my sister and brother-in-law came to visit us. And they brought Emi with them.

Kai loved playing fetch or catch with Emi.

And this boy, who I often can barely get to take a short walk with me, loved going on long walks with Emi, insisting on holding her leash (along with Mom).

Kai engaged with Emi more than he does with other children. So she was as good of a play partner for Kai as he’s ever had. In that way, she was very therapeutic for him.

And that is huge.

But what I loved most was that when he was with her, he was just a kid like any other kid.

And that was really, really nice.


  1. Oh how fun! And maybe you found the secret to fun exercise for walking!

    1. Ha, I just wish that we had nearby friends with dogs. We only see Emi just once or twice a year.

    2. any chance of getting a pet for your family?

    3. Betsy, my wife would love to get a dog, but it would be a big commitment. It is not one we can make right now. Maybe someday!

    4. that is true. We've never had a dog...almost everything else, though! ha. Yes, maybe some day. Sounds like Kai would love it. If we could 'walk' cats, I'd deliver one to you. lol.

    5. Ha, I don't think cats would have quite the same attraction as dogs. Sorry, you will have to keep them all yourself! :)

    6. lol...I just KNEW you were going to say that. :) Well, if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me. haha


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